Kaili Park

It is easy to be inspired when one grows up on the shores of Puget Sound as Kaili Park did. There has never been a time when she didn’t feel the need to draw the flora and fauna surrounding her. 

 Declaring her college major at age 10, she decided to go into marine biology early on. Using her career to understand the animals she loved made the most sense. During her final years in high school, Kaili attended the Ocean Research College Academy (ORCA), where she studied the ecology of the Puget Sound and her interests narrowed into environmental studies. From there she pursued Aquatic and Fishery Sciences at the University of Washington. The incredible coursework and community within the school nurtured her ability to learn and remain passionate about science. Kaili is constantly creating and finding ways to integrate art into a better understanding of the natural world. 

 Kaili’s main source of inspiration comes from nature and all the incredible complexities that come with it. As well as the relationship between humans and animals, using it as a focus in art.